privacy policy

We value our integrity and your privacy. We appreciate that you placed your trust in us and we would not break that trust for anything. We keep all of your information to ourselves. We wouldn't sell your information to anyone... not even you, so don't try to buy your information from us, because it's not for sale. That's the Bisnow promise (among others). Keep reading to find out more particulars about our privacy policy... but shh... it's a secret.

your information

We only need your email address. We do NOT need bank statements, social security numbers, fingerprints, retinal scans, baby pictures, your mother's maiden name, your first pet's name, your 8th grade diary, your favorite color (we know it's aubergine), or any other information that isn't your email. If for any reason we ever needed any other information from you, we would not collect it without asking for permission.

how to unsubscribe

We would hate to see you go and parting would be such sweet sorrow... but if you insist, you can go to the "Unsubscribe" page on the website.

third party advertising

Aside from your usual friendly Bisnow emails, you will receive some Bisnow emails marked "Dedicated" in the subject line and in the email. These emails contain content paid for by sponsors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff. We mark these emails "Dedicated" in order to inform you that they do not contain editorial material.

third party cookies

In the course of serving sponsorship to the site, our third-party advertiser may serve a little "dessert" by placing or recognizing a unique cookie on your browser.

links to other sites

Bisnow loves using links. But, legally we have to cover our tush: we are not responsible for any content that appears on these sites, nor do we endorse them. For questions about these sites please consult their individual privacy policies.

Here are some of the possible things we could do to secure your info: commit it to memory, bury it, rewrite all of it with some kind of ancient cipher code, tell it to someone with anterograde amnesia, lock it in a complex booby-trapped pyramid, sneak it into the ark of the covenant, but we think the best option is to put it on out secure server.

As we grow and evolve we may make small modifications to our privacy policy. We will make sure to tell you anytime we tweak the policy. That's the Bisnow promise.

Looking for advice on how to make the perfect coq au vin? Maybe we aren't the best source... Looking to ask questions about our privacy policy? We're definitely the best people to contact. Go to the "Contact" page in the "About" section of our website, and send any questions our way. Also, if you have advice on how to make the perfect coq au vin... we need help.

Editorial Policy

Bisnow cannot be bought. Journalistic integrity and reader trust are paramount to this company. Ergo, our staff is responsible for all content published on the website. Ergo, we never print positive editorial material in exchange for dollars, euros, lira, deutsch marks, Ancient Roman ducats, marbles, pinwheels, land, good lasagna, great lasagna, pogs, baseball cards, gum, kitchen appliances, gym equipment, phone numbers, tickets to see Lady Gaga, (wait... no, we guess we wont take those either. Ethics, right?), or anything else of monetary value for that matter. Any moments of sponsorship are clearly marked as such, including our "Sponsored Editorials" and "Dedicated Emails."

Opinions expressed at live events are those of the speaker, not necessarily those of the Bisnow editorial department, and should therefore be heeded at the discretion of the listener.

We also will keep all of your information between you and us. We wouldn't sell your information to anyone... not even you, so don't try to buy your information from us, because it's not for sale.